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How tempting rioting, breaking, burning and looting it may be. It’s not the answer for the systematic and cultural problems. How would you like it if someone decided your house is fair game to loot? Why rob if you don’t like being robbed? Why vandalise if you don’t like your stuff being vandalised and burned? Why discriminate if you don’t like being discriminated against? Why wish something bad for an other you would not wish for yourself? Why terrorise if you don’t want to be terrorised?

Black lives matter, yes, but so do brown lives, yellow, red and off course white lives.

You have inalienable rights no matter what colour you are. After all, we’re all human beings and asking the government to help you get your rights isn’t going to resolve the problem. If somebody stole your bicycle and by a struck of luck, you’d happen to encounter the thief the next day on your way to the grocery market, will you then politely ask the thief for your bike or call the government? Or are you going to take back your bicycle and the thief can consider himself lucky because you choose not to kick the shit out of him for robbing it in the first place. Some things can not be given, they can only be taken.

Highlighting the black lives matter narrative will only create more divide amongst the people and will be used as a tool to keep people scared off each other while walking on eggs in a room full of porcelain. Fear leads to hate and hate leads to suffering. Highlighting one people will always be felt like the rest is in the dark, which they are.

For example; how many muslims have died in the last decade in the war on “terror”. Anybody cares about Muslim lives matter? In the Second World War nearly 25 million Russians died. Any cares about Russian lives matter? Will you consider me an anti-semite if I don’t mention the 6 million jews that have perished? Are you starting to see the flaw in this highlighting psychology ?

All lives matter, whether it’s human, animal or plant.

Do you think I’m a brown supremacist because I support all lives no matter what colour. Am I downplaying racism towards black people? You could believe that if you listen to the MSM and it’s army of famous non-thinking repeaters and actors. You must understand that the MSM does not want a peace-full and united people of any and every colour and sex. Divide is their object; young and old, poor and rich, black and white, male and female, christen and muslim, jew and gentile, gay and straight, native or foreign.

After all, I’m not white, nor am I what you call black but I do know what it’s like to be discriminated against and I believe that rioting and terrorising one’s own communities is not the way to empower black people. Only reason and education can serve as weapons to combat racism for the good of all. Emphasise more. Racism is not a problem, it’s an opportunity for us all to teach our cultural-crippled brothers and sisters overcome these flaws.

Being a racist is a character flaw like being a sociopath, psychopath or a narcissist. But being any of the aforementioned doesn’t mean their lives matter less, especially if they’re guilty of ignorance regarding their own flaws. Remember the golden rule.

The truth is that we’re all one people with aligned interests and wishes for the future of us all. Those interests are peace, prosperity and liberty.

Fight the power while you finance the power is a bit strange.

If you perceive an enemy outside yourself and find yourself willing to take up arms to combat this enemy, will you then supply this enemy with the same arms you are using? Beating or assaulting police-offers is like beating a construction worker you hired for some work around the house because he did a bad job.

Using violence as a mean against a system doesn’t work. Encontrary it will backfire and become even more violent and authoritarian. Non-compliance is the only way out. Starve the beast. If you have gangreen all the way to your upperleg, suffice to say it’s not enough to just cut your little pinky and expect the problem to be resolved.

Currency is the blood of the beast. When you pay taxes, your taxes are being used to pay for example the police-officers. If you think the service the officers or any other government-employee provide is below your standards, start decreasing your exposure to [INSERT FIAT-CURRENCY].

You can choose which currency or money you save in or accept. Choosing other means of economic currency manifestation is the true fight of power.

Words have power.

Well, they used to have power till the moment your rulers decided to replace and corrupt the language you’re most familiar with. Not all at once but gradually and with a certain finesse and repeated programming. It’s like marketing and they’re selling you an idea or perspective whether it’s fake or not. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is your belief in the idea, illusion or perspective.

StaySafe is orwellian for StayScared

Take for example: #StaySafe. Let’s deconstruct this.

Stay is a passive state. It’s like saying stay to your dog and he doesn’t move like hypnotized.

Safety is an illusion. How can you be safe in world where death is a certainty? Do you think you can have a safe death? How about a safe life? How does that look like? Bunkering down because something might happen that could lead to your death? What kind of life is that? Some would call that condition a psychosis.

Why not accept death as a certainty and live life to it’s fullest. You may not be able to choose how you die but you are able to choose how you live.

In other words the pushers of this #StaySafe perspective rather have it you remain in a state of fear and through fear they control you into conformism. Will you?

Lockdown is orwellian for terrorism

Let’s go to another example. How about lockdown? Let’s begin.

Lockdown. Can you order a lockdown on a free people? No. A free society is not intimidated by anything. Not by the news, not by politicians, not by so-called experts. A free people accept death as a natural course of their lives.

If you have eyes to see then you might be aware that the mainstream media has done an exellent job terrorizing it’s followers into submission. A record high unemployment and a tsunami of bankrupted entrepeneurs are just the first and immediate casualties.

What follows, that is, if we don’t perceive the lockdown as a vile and inhumane act of terrorism on every free man, woman and child, is a future where you don’t have any right over your body, your savings, your economic contribution and your ability to question any terror that comes sugarcoated via your television.

Can we thus say that the lockdown is another word for terrorism? Yes, yes and yes. The lockdown-terrorists may have you convinced that they have your best interests, but be honest and look around your community and tell me what you see. Do you see your interests, whether it’s social, economical or financial being held in high regard?

You reap what you sow

I guess the irony of this all is that every person that pushes the agenda of the lockdown-terrorists, whether it’s talking heads on the mainstream-media, the orderfollowers who have a beat-up people license, or the politicians themselves will taste the new dystopian reality where freedom of speech, travel, economic participation and self sovereignty are nothing but a sheer illusion.

Ignorance is not an excuse.