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It is said that long time ago, a man called Lot, received special guests from far away. These guests looked to the locals as very attractive men. After dinner the locals forced themselves in the house of Lot and wanted to have their ways with the guests of Lot.

Lot begged and plead the locals to leave his guests alone and offered them his daughters but they refused and were determined to get what they were after. Soon after, the village containing all the locals ceased to exist.

Every country that has participated in the crime of violating the bodily autonomy of their guests is guilty of this crime. They can talk about crimes in the past like exploiting slaves and how repatriations can solve this. How about we start addressing ongoing crimes of massive rape and masked torture, that is still going on in countries like Spain in public transport?

How do you think that the people will look back at your country? With joy or with disgust? Muslim countries, Christian countries, secular, so called democratic WEF-run countries? How can a muslim country like for example Indonesia called itself muslim if they hold rape as a requirement for entry? Are you not ashamed of yourselves? Do you believe more in experimental drugs then in God?

Do you really want to bring back tourism? How about apologize to all the current tourists? How about compensate the family-members of all the people that have died or developed chronic illnesses as a direct result of the rape? How about prosecute all the rape-advocates? How about building big museums and monuments to recognize these vile acts and renounce all future forced medical procedures? How about teaching people what a handful billionaires can do with some planning and a constant stream of propaganda on 99 percent of news outlets?