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Imagine you are a billionaire and you produce electronic vehicles for the market.

Well, you have some spare change and as a competent business owner that you are, you’re always looking to make the production more efficient, to get access to more customers who would then be able to buy your product but still enjoy the normal margin you’ve set to produce an electronic vehicle to satisfy the shareholders.

It so happens to be that you like spending some time on the internet ventilating your opinion and there is a company that publishes your messages online for everybody to see and read. This company has come under a little scrutiny because they don’t allow for free speech.

Would you buy this company in order to change policy to allow for your free speech version. Free speech is human right that everybody can exercise. It is so vital that most governments around the world have adopted it and made part of their constitution, as if they are the ones who grant you this right.

Or would you invest in strategic metals that are absolutely essential for the production of your product. Metals like silver. You find yourself in a world where, due to incompetence or shear acts of terror from most governments, have rendered most supply chains unreliable. This could affect your business and the philosophy you hold for these products in a big way. When you don’t have silver, you won’t be able to produce your products.

Will you then still proceed and spend your money on a company on the internet? Money that could have been used to secure the future production of your products.

Another factor that plays a big role in the availability of this precious metals, is that central banks around the world, have maintained a very loose monetary policy for all kinds of reasons. This resulted in growing investor demand who prefer the actual money/silver that the future promise of money/debt.

Now you’re aware all these factors that could impact you and your company directly, and there are still others factors that I have not covered yet. Because your product does not only need silver, it also needs lithium, cobalt, copper, aluminum and so on and so on.

Will you then still go on and buy some company that has absolutely nothing to do with your company? Remember, you can’t use this company to produce any of the products you are selling. Tesla cars do not run on Twitter, the batteries are not made of Twitter and we’re not mining Twitter every year to satisfy the industrial and investor demand. What do you think is inside the servers of Twitter that makes it possible to stay online?

And if so, well then, you my friend are a genuine fool that complements the saying; “A fool and his money are soon to be apart”.

And as you can see in the picture above, there is a lot of money that can choose to run for the hills.

Freedom of speech is a God-giving right and you can’t buy it and it is not for sale. Twitter has no monopoly on free speech and the governments are not the suppliers of it.

You could have easily cornered the silver market and set it free from paper-price manipulation, but no you chose otherwise.

Good luck with your internet company, fool.

Second chapter:

Buying Twitter to enchance Neurolink with data from Twitter.

My bad: I guess you can make trillions with those billions if you endeavor into human-to-computer interface, the AI and the algorithms to be able to predict and manipulate human behavior. It’s something that they have been trying to do with propaganda and marketing. The only question remains, should you?

Who needs sound money and freedom when one can deceive the world?