MSM: Don’t be emboldened by protests worldwide and look at India. People can’t breathe.

If you tell me you can’t breath and you have a mask on, I really can’t take you seriously. If you tell me people need air while having a mask on, I really can’t take you seriously. If you tell me your poison is necessary for a nation with over a billion people that has managed to survive decades in the most populated, polluted and overcrowded places in the world, I really can’t take you seriously. If you tell me that healthy people are transmitting the flu and should be vaccinated or coerced to do so, despite the tangible dangers in doing so to save others, I really can’t take you seriously.

The truth is that no amount of vaccines, jabs or government measures can give you the guarantee that you will live to see tomorrow. For example: You could choke on nut, drown in your bath, electrocuted while fixing some wiring, trip and fall from the stairs, struck by lighting, fall into a sinkhole, stung by a poisonous snake, have a freak accident with your chainsaw, gunned down by your public officers, get stabbed for no reason, somebody could push you on the railroads. The brakes on your car could fail while trying to park on high building, a decaying streetlamp could fall and crush your skull just as you walk by, you could get run-over while taking a walk. You could suffocate in quicksand, eaten by an anaconda, swallowed by a shark, torn apart by a crocodile, pierced by an unicorn, a hippo could sit on you, a bear might tear you apart, wolves could hunt you down, a giraffe could headbang you, a horse could you kick you, a bull could pierce you. An angry mob could lynch you, you could slip and break your neck, you could die in your sleep, your heart could stop, a falling tree could crush you, an eagle might pick you up high enough and drop you, your parachute could fail. The bridge you’re walking on could collapse and so and so.

Then they will turn and say that the vaccine will comfort you. Let’s be honest, comfort does not come from a syringe or any government measure. Comfort comes when you can do what you want to do while respecting other people’s comfort-zone (golden rule) and that could be spending time with family and friends, traveling, working, exercising or relaxing. In other words comfort comes from freedom and again, it does not come in a syringe. You can’t be injected with freedom, you ain’t free if you accept to be violated to get a certificate of violated freedom pass.

And there is another turn. Aren’t you afraid to die they say? If you have been raised to believe that you’re an insignificant piece of shit monkey that there is no specified reason or meaning at all for you but to fight other monkeys for the biggest tree and upon death your life and death will be of no significance and be swallowed up by the black void. Well then, I understand why you keep on falling for everything.

The truth is we’re all soulbrothers and sisters and that we’re on a long journey back home. You’re but a wretched soul destined to a carry a body of flesh in this material world if I may quote Marcus Aurelius. We’re all on a journey and we all get dirty along the way and are fearing we’re going to get punished upon return because of our dirt, like a young child playing in his/her best clothes in the dirt. Some of us are so fearful that they deny the dirt all-together, which makes it easier to deny their own dirtiness and continue to play in the dirt. This is no way to travel. What you can do however is to recognise the dirt, clean yourself up and avoid getting dirty any further.

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